Our Services

The activities of the RINP include public-facing activities (such as knowledge sharing sessions and
hackathons) which are targeted at the wider public as well as services which are provided to
selected grassroot innovators. Grassroots innovators are innovative individuals that may not
necessarily have the requisite educational background or infrastructure to promote
commercialisation of their innovations. The RINP recruit’s innovators with promising ideas and/or
businesses regularly, with the aim to guide them from the ideation phase into commercialisation.
Innovators have access to the following:

Skills development and training

All innovators are offered training in various topics to strengthen their business and technical skills. Training topics include – IP protection, 3D printing2, Market feasibility assessment, technical feasibility assessment, Basics of entrepreneurship, financial modelling, computer programming.

Access to resources

The stakeholders of the RINP provide access to various resources which they hold, to the selected innovators, in order assist the further development of the innovator’s products, as needed. Examples of resources which may be made available are R&D labs, 3D printer, co-working space, Design software, Technical experts.

Access to mentorship

The innovators also gain access to mentors from our member incubators and industry partners. The mentorship might include business development, business support, market linkages and technical advice.

Industry networking events

The RINP regularly host business networking events, with the aim to connect industry players, innovators, potential buyers, and investors to encourage mutually beneficial partnerships. Allowing the participants to leverage their strengths in new creative ways.